Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Peanut Babies

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So... you've probably noticed that I haven't been doing much sewing this month. We've had a busy couple of months, so I've been neglecting the sewing machine. But if you are on MIH's facebook, you know I just went crazy over Imagine Gnats Peanut Baby Dolls.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the doll cradle Purvi Masi!!!!!!! 

With out any arms or legs, this little doll was literally done in just minutes, including the hand sewing. I didn't have fabric markers on hand, but I drew on eyes with a sharpie, and a little smile with a red pen.

I also showed off my swaddling skills to my daughter. A fat quarter is the perfect sized blanket for this little guy! (The hat is a miniature of my bubblegum hat pattern.)

The doll is far from perfect... I did a terrible job slip stitching the bottom together, and I even sewed his hair on backwards! But the kid's love him. He's our first baby doll, and it was amazing to hear the conversations it sparked. Here are some gems from my little loudmouths:

Ishaan:  You have to be very gentle with babies, like this. You hold them upside down. It's called baby yoga. 
Amaani: It's raining! You have to protect your babies in the rain. You are a good protector mama.
Ishaan: So, Papa... How does mama make babies?

My husband fielded that last one better than I thought he would... he didn't miss a beat-- "with needle and thread, of course!"

Awkward questions aside; their role playing showed that some of our parenting has soaked in... mainly that parenting is team work!
Thank you for the wonderful pattern Rachael!