Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blooms And Bugs Boutique

It's Thursday... and have something special to share with you guys. Anshu, the creative mind behind The Blooms and Bugs Blog has started an etsy shop!

Although the dresses are completely gorgeous (what little girl wouldn't want that peacock dress!), I just have to talk a bit about what a wonderful person Anshu is. I can honestly say that I don't know if this blog would be here without her constant encouragement.

Floral Crown via Blooms And Bugs.
She takes time to create gorgeous tutorials on her blog and answer any questions anyone might have about them. She's also fielded questions from me about blogging, sewing and everyting in between.

I'm sure she puts the same amount of care and sincerity into each and every item she makes. Her beautiful dresses and accessories would be great for dreamy photo shoots, birthdays and holidays! She even has a few costume type items for Halloween.

My Little Pony Dress-- Blooms and Bugs etsy
If you are looking for girly dresses or accessories, or just want to support a creative mama, I encourage you to visit her shop!