Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5 Fantastic (Handmade) Father's Day Gift Ideas

As I'm sure you are all aware... Father's Day is coming up. I'm am so grateful for both being raised by a wonderful father and having a wonderful father raise my kids. How do we celebrate? Well... the two Dad's in my life are just interested in spending time with their families, a good meal, and maybe some free time to take in a game.

But I know MIH readers like to kick it up a notch, so I've compiled a few projects to sew up to add something special to Dad's day. These are just a few of the great ideas I've found-- check out the Gifts For Guys pinterest board for more ideas!
Five Fantastic Father's Day Gifts to Sew-

  1. Candy! These sweet candy bags from Made would be appreciated by any Dad-- especially if they don't have to share with the kids! 
  2. This ipad case from Fresh Lemon Quilts would be perfect for Father's Day-- especially if you used a novelty print that reflected his personality. 
  3. And you know that iPad needs a stand! Rikka's E-reader stand would be perfect for hands free browsing.
  4. I fell in love with cover buttons after I made the sprocket pillows. I had no idea they were so fun to make! With a kit it would be easy to make these cuff links from a fussy cut print fabric or stamp them like Julie does!
  5. This tie tutorial uses silk to make a high end bespoke tie; but you could use the tutorial to make a novelty tie out of quilting cotton or another inexpensive fabric. 
And don't forget-- you can also make a Handprint Tree to go along with the gift! This would be perfect to get your kids to do; but you could also do one with adult children's handprints or thumbprints. 

 The printable is for personal use only, but can be printed out and edited as many times as you need for your own personal use. The image will be emailed to you with instant download.

Don't forget to visit the Gifts for Guys pinterest board-- I'll be updating it with more ideas! What are you all planning doing for Father's Day?