Friday, June 7, 2013

Handmade Confessions: Rikka From Ricochet And Away

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! The very first Handmade Confessions Series post!

Today we are joined by the amazing Rikka from Ricochet Crochet! Rikka's blog literally has something for everyone-- right down to the family dog.
 And the family ninja!
 Seriously though, her blog is full of beautiful, useful projects-- as well as a lot of laughs. Check out this gorgeous maxi dress tutorial...

And of course, her bags, clutches and totes.

In addition to being a fantastic seamstress, writer, and all around crafter Rikka is an amazing person. She reaches out to other bloggers with her sewing challenges, and you can also find quite a bit of blogging advice on her site as well.

And I'm sure that by now, you all are thinking that she's absolutely perfect and can do no wrong. Well... she is perfect, but she also agreed to confess to one of the most hilarious craft fails I've ever read-- with photos! So... here's Rikka!

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you all have a grand plans for the weekend.  After weeks of rain, we're hoping for at least one day to enjoy the outdoors!

Special thanks to Palak for inviting me to share in her Crafty Confessions series!  I had first intended to share a dos and do nots about sewing with blue painter's tape, but something funny came up that I just had to share.

I love to sew tote bags and give them as gifts.  Rather than including a card, I often make a big tag and tie it to the bag.  I was making a batch of tags the other day and was disappointed to discover someone (my kids!) had broken my hole punch!  Curses!!!

 After some digging, I found some pretty little grommets that I could use instead.  I tried setting them grommets in my craft room, but the hammering on the tabletop was too loud and the carpet was too soft to hammer on.  So I went into my laundry room that has an unfinished cement floor.  Setting the first grommet was a breeze using the hard solid surface, but the enamel on the grommet was scratched from the hammer on one side and the cement on the other.

So I grab what I think is a t-shirt from the hamper next to me and use it to protect the enamel on the next five grommets I set.  Success!  I have five lovely tags all finished and looking even better with the grommets.  I grab the t-shirt only to discover it is not a t-shirt, but rather my husband's brand new boxer shorts!  I snickered to myself thinking, if he only knew.  Then I noticed a small hole, and another, and ANOTHER!

The boxers were just riddled with holes.  So lesson learned: do not use husband's underwear to set grommets because thin jersey is too delicate to withstand the pounding.  

So there is my Crafty Confession.  I hope you enjoyed, and I can't wait to read yours!

Ok... you all can dry your eyes from those tears of laughter now... and remember no judging. I'm sure more than a few of you have pounded holes in things on accident!

Thank you so much Rikka for sharing that story-- and we will all heed your warning about underwear and hammers not mixing. Head on over to Ricochet and Away and check out all her awesomeness!

Does anyone have a significant other that has suffered for your sewing projects? We'd love to hear all about it! And don't forget to subscribe or hang out with us on facebook so you don't miss next week's confession!