Monday, October 15, 2012

Rufflicious Week!

Another mini series! When I started Make It Handmade, apart from the serger series, this is the other set of tutorials that I was looking forward to sharing.

Ruffles are everywhere! You'll see them in clothing, bags and home dec sewing. You can use them to glam up store bought projects or convert "big brother hand me downs" into "little sister chic". They give any project depth and texture.

They can also give any seamstress a giant headache. If you've ever been frustrated with uneven gathers or broken bobbin threads, here is the secret:

There's isn't a single, perfect method for ruffling that's going to work for every project, machine and seamstress. There are many, many methods for ruffling, and choosing the right one for your project is the key to making them hassle free. That's what Rufflicious week is all about!

Next week (October 22-26) we are going to run through a different ways of ruffing, and talk about which method works best for which types of projects. None of the methods will require special feet, hand sewing or even a serger! Just a regular home sewing machine, thread, and some patience.

At the end of the series you'll know exactly which method to choose for your next project.

Update: Our Series Is done! This tutorial was part our Rufflicious Series. For more ruffling tutorials see the following posts:

  • The Old Fashioned Method
  • The Tension Method
  • The Couching Method
  • The Scrunch Method
  • Rufflicious Wrap Up

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    1. This sounds like a perfect series for me! I love sewing, but am always thinking, "there must be an easier way to do this..." I am looking forward to reading on! Thanks!
      Hugs and prayers ~Abbie

    2. Thanks Abbie! That's sounds like me-- always looking for an easier way!

    3. I love ruffles but struggling was such a chore I have just tried the tension method and I love it thank you a million times over:)


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