Friday, October 12, 2012

The Easy Peasy Pleated Purse

A month or so ago our local sewing group decided to have a 'pleat technique meetup' where we'd all get together and show off something pleated.
I decided to rip off this cute little purse that my mom got me from India last year. The bag is so colorful, so gorgeous and so ... not me.  Which is why I love it!
 The pleats under the 'waistband' means that I can stuff a bunch of fabric I mean stuff in the bag without the bag looking too large.

But the bag is looking a bit frayed, so I decided to make myself a new one in grey (much more my everyday, boring style!)

The bag is really easy to make-- it's just rectangles. I hope to have a tutorial up in the next few weeks. The pleats are the only complicated part (and they're not that bad):)
 The bag is a cross body style (my favorite!) and has a looong strap. It's made of a cotton poly blend so it's really light weight, and I can wash it with the kids clothes! It's going to be a great travel bag. I'm planning on entering the bag in Lemon Squeezy's purse week contest (along with the TOT bag) so I'll have my fingers crossed!  Check out the other bags-- there are some seriously talented ladies entering.