Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blue Peasant Dress

Tired of making things that didn't fit, I tried my hand at making Amaani a peasant dress.  Because of the elastic, they are supposed to be pretty easy to fit (and last for a long time).

look! a matching sippy!

 I'd always thought that all that elastic would be uncomfortable. Then I saw this top, from Craftiness is Not Optional, which only had a gathered neckline. No itchy elastic on the sleeves! She has an amazing collection of dresses for little girls.

I think the length is a little long, I've noticed it gets in the way of running around. 

 And here's the back....

 (I think I like dresses better than tops becase I don't have to find any matching shorts.)

And here's the closest thing to a smile she had while wearing the dress. (She doesn't care for blue at all).