Monday, June 11, 2012

Absolutely A-Line dress.

A few weeks ago I found this book, Absolutely A-Line, at the library. I was really excited-- it seemed like a neat idea; the same dress pattern made up in a bunch of different styles, lengths etc. I was so excited, that I decided to cut into this cute 'tutti frutti' fabric that I loved! 

I'm not to good with patterns in general, but these were pretty easy to follow. I trimmed out the neckline with vintage (ie, cheap) bias tape, and omitted the facing. And... I was so disappointed with the results. The neckline is supper gappy, and the armholes are way to large.


The back closes with a zipper which is placed to low. I'm hoping she'll grow into the dress.

I won't be using the pattern again, at least not without modifications.

And because she wasn't smiling in any of the previous pictures... Here's Amaani.

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