Monday, June 18, 2012

Reversible Aline Dress

A little while ago one of my aunts (I have so many) moved to Houston. (Hopefully, temporarily! We miss you guys!) Before she left, she left me with a bag of clothes to be re-purposed.  I was so excited to see this yellow print shirt! It's so shiny and happy! 

Although it's not pink, Amaani likes it! It's loose enough for all kinds of playing.

Because it closes with a ribbon the dress can be worn inside out.  The inside is just plain grey, but it can be reversed if the outside gets too dirty.

I have a tendency to rush through sewing things, but this time I took my time, wanting make use of as much of the cheery yellow as I could.

I added ruffles and and a pocket....

And pleating by the neckline.

 The bow in her hair is just a scrap of fabric with a baby rubber band cinched around the middle.

Finally, here is a picture of Amaani *almost* smiling.  It's seems to be a rare thing to get on camera lately!


  1. can you make me a matching dress?!?! this is so cute!!

  2. I have exactly one sleeve of the shirt left! but I will make you something sometime!

  3. This dress is so sweet, and looks perfect on her. Good Luck on PR&P!


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