Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Paper Crafting and ScrapbookPal!

Those of you who follow on Facebook  know that I've simply fallen in love with Lawn Fawn products recently. Their graphics are whimsical and cute without being too over the top.

One catch-- they are a stamp & paper company. Although I'm crossing my fingers that they will come out with a fabric line, I have a few projects coming up that are sort of cross-overs between papercrafting and traditional sewing projects.

While I was looking for the best place to purchase stamps, I came across this awesome site called They have absolutely the best prices I've seen for Lawn Fawn (these stamps are 20% off regular price- everyday!). They also have free shipping for orders over 25 dollars-- which I love. I hate paying for shipping.

And, I have to say-- the customer service was absolutely awesome. I ordered on a Friday afternoon, and my stuff was shipped that day, and at my door on Monday! Awesome! They also sent me a roll of double sided tape they call 'scrappy tape.'

I love this stuff! It tears easily, and can't wait to use it for wrapping gifts this year! No more shiny tape spots. I normally don't use double sided tape because it's so expensive (Scotch tape is $7 for 400 inches!) This tape (although narrower) is 3 dollars for 30 yards. That's nearly 3 times the length for half the price.

The thing I love about this tape the most, though, is that I can 'tape in advance'. For example, my daughter loves doing 'cut and paste' worksheets, but I hate the mess of glue. Now I can simply run a line of tape across the back of the sheet. Then she can cut the square, peel the backing off, and stick her square in the right place.

I also used it in making these paper stars. Just run a line of tape across the fold, and you don't have to worry about giving the kids staplers. Next up are paper chains! I can just prepare in advance, and the kids can do the chains at grandma's without any cutting or gluing.  The tape cuts easily with scissors or a paper cutter, so you can apply a long line of it *before* cutting strips or shapes.

The awesome folks at Scrapbookpal have given us a coupon code so you can try the scrappy tape for free too! Just type in "Handmade" in the coupon code box in the sidebar and snag some to use for this holiday season. And don't forget-- if your order is over $25 dollars you get free shipping!