Monday, December 1, 2014

Hummus + Cuisinart Food Processor Review

It's the Monday after Thanksgiving-- a day when the nation as a whole thinks back longingly and regretfully on what they ate all weekend. I know our leftovers are nearly finished and I was looking for something lighter to eat as a snack this morning.

Enter Hummus! We make a batch and keep it around to eat in sandwiches, on crackers and sometimes with chips. It's a healthy, high protein snack which is perfect for our vegetarian family. We use this recipe with a secret ingredient that makes it irresistible.

It also gave me a chance to play with this new Cusinart Food Processor. It's part of their new "Elemental Line" which is slightly cheaper than their standard food processor. I've been coveting my mom's Cuisinart food processor for years, so I jumped at the chance to try it out.

 It's pretty, isn't it?  Up until now, we were using Cuisinart's Smart Stick to make hummus, smoothies, salsa basically anything either a food processor or a blender would do. It's worked amazingly-- and I vehemently recommend it to anyone who has a kitchen. It's on sale at amazon for 35 bucks which is an amazing deal.

But I'll admit, the food processor works faster and with less effort. The hummus was done it about 5 minutes! I love the extra capacity-- we were able to make a double batch easily with room to spare.

The only thing I really disliked about it is that the handle is right in the middle front of the machine, and gets in the way of the buttons. It's not too bad, but since my kids are in the kitchen with me often, it would have been nice to have something a bit more out of the way.
I love this machine, and even though I'll still dream of upgrading to one of their dual workbowl 14cup models, I can tell that this machine will be with me for years and years and hundreds of batches of hummus.
Oh and that secret ingredient I told you about? A splash of Sriracha Sauce. As much as you can stand. Go on, I dare you to try it.