Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Upcycled Handprinted Giftwrap

It's Valentine's Month! For someone who decorates for Christmas a full 2 and half months, you'd think that I'd be all decked out for Valentines day, but, I'm not. We keep Valentines low key around here-- a few cards and of course, the valetines day shoebox. So, when I got an opportunity to review and create a project using Apple Barrel Craft paints I was excited to try something new.

I'll admit-- I've used Apple Barrel paints loads of times before, so 'reviewing' them was a no brainer. I love that they are easily available, and come in tiny sizes, as well as larger 'economy sized packages. They are typically less expensive than similar brands and come in great colors. A win in my book-- especially for the craft projects I do with the kids.  

My package from Plaid included stencil, and the first thing that popped into my head was giftwrap! My kids and I had a potato print craft fail a few months ago, but the stencils seemed much easier. 
For our paper, I cut open a paper bag from Olive Garden. Obviously, you could use any shopping bag or even a roll of kraft paper, butcher paper, or even newsprint.
A quick tip-- use a dry iron on a low temp to smooth out the creases. Although you will still be able to see the fold lines, it will make the paper lay much flatter.
Now, just get stenciling. I used a heart stencil and a cheap foam brush.

Just for fun, I added in some white to make pink hearts.
I alternated the pattern so I wouldn't have to worry about which way was 'up' on my gift wrap. The paint dried quickly, so I was able to fill in the pink hearts immediately after I finished the red.
I know the hearts aren't perfect, but it's nice that the giftwrap looks handmade. I honestly think that a slightly older child (maybe 6+) could do a better job with this than I did! It would be a great way to personalize a teacher gift or dress up card boxes. And of course, by changing up the stencil you could make giftwrap for any occasion!

This post was sponsored by Plaid and Blueprint social, but all opinions are mine! You can check out other fun Valentines day projects and craft inspiration on Plaid Blog, Weekly Newsletter and Pinterest board!