Friday, August 23, 2013

Handmade Confessions: Heidi From Handmade Frenzy

Today I have my friend Heidi from Handmade Frenzy to back to share a confession. Her's is something I've bet we've all done! 

Before you get too far-- be sure to visit Heidi's blog and see her latest Pattern Flip. How gorgeous! (And her dress is cute too :)

 I"ll be honest-- everything at Heidi's blog looks so beautiful and perfect; I was almost salivating to find out what her confession would be... now you all can know too!

Thank you so much, Palak, for inviting me to join in on this series!

My confession today is something I'm sure at some point all sewist have done. But of course for me the mistake laziness meant no longer wearable for the intended person.

If you've been sewing for any period of time, or if you are an internet self-taught sewist like myself, you've read at some point. You MUST prewash your fabrics!

Well... You guessed it. I didn't. And the worst fabric of all not to prewash. Seersucker.

These two pairs are the same pattern. Except the top pair used to be bigger than the bottom pair. Doh.

When I pulled these from the dryer I groaned. Then I laughed. They were just so MUCH smaller than when they went into the laundry!

Thank goodness all is not lost! They went from a size 4t so a size 18-24 month. Lucky for me :) If she were a boy I'd leave them as is and it would be AWESOME. New shorts for the baby with no extra sewing.

But I feel the need to girlify these.

I'm thinking, chopping the length, maybe adding a bow to the side seams with the cut off excess, maybe a cuff, maybe some buttons. I think they will be cute!

You can bet, ALL my fabric now gets prewashed. Whether I think it will shrink or not :)

Thank you Palak, for letting me share my confession! Now on to girlifying those shorts...

I used to be a stickler for prewashing too, before I started sewing more than I did laundry! Thank you for sharing that confession- we can't wait to see what you do with those shorts! Heidi was an absolute doll to share two posts this month (check out her Create With Kids!) Stop by her blog and give her some comment love :)