Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Art From Scribbles: Guest Post By Handmade Frenzy

You all are going to fall out of your chair with how adorable this next Create With Kids  craft is! Today we have my friend Heidi from Handmade Frenzy over to share a fun little craft she did with her munchkins.

Before I let you see it, I do have to tell you just how awesome Heidi is. Visiting her site is like visiting a little slice of sunshine. She has so much fun creating with and for her kids!

Take a look at this adorable Skipper Top she made for her daughter.
 Or these fabulous pants! Love the pops of blue!
 And... um... these cookies speak for themselves.

'nuff said! You all read the post.... I'm going to I start making cookies.

I've had this art project rolling around in my head for a while and we finally got it done!!

We were all pretty excited about it and had fun making it together.

To start with we gathered the normal art supplies: Construction paper, crayons, markers, and paints. All washable, of course :)

Then I let the littles go to it.

I "helped" by directing them which colors to use. I told them to cover all of the white with color.

I did help them to make sure they filled in all the white spaces. Olivia was all about, "NO. I do it my-shelf!" And Evan, kept saying, "Mom, come HELP me!" :)

So our collaborative effort resulted in this. Fun! Right? 

Next was Mom's "job". Cutting out block letters from the new "fabric" we created.
To do this, I printed out the phrase in Word using the font Epic Awesomeness in size 500, you can find the font source pinned here. And note, in that collection of fonts there is a mustache font!! I am planning some things to with that for sure!

After I printed it onto plain paper, I cut out the letters while holding it together with the painted/colored art projects. Then I pasted it to the back of the cover paper that came with the frame with a little bit of scrapbook adhesive. The frame is from Ikea.

 Easy Peasy! And a super fun way to showcase some kid art!

They were pretty proud of it.

This art is destined for our new playroom.

This was their idea to hold it up as high as possible and Olivia thought it was SO hilarious :)

Thanks for having me, Palak!

Thank you so much for stopping by Heidi! I love this craft idea-- and especially the saying.  Come over anytime!

For the rest of you... don't forget to enter the 25 dollar Ribbon Retreat giveaway. It ends Wednesday night. I'll see you back here tomorrow for more Create With Kids fun!