Friday, July 12, 2013

Handmade Confessions: Ruby from Zaaberry!

Today's guest really doesn't need an introduction. It's Ruby from Zaaberry!!! Ruby's blog is just dripping with gorgeous projects. My to do list just doubled by writing this post-- and yours will too!

I love this neat (insulated!) lunch tote; I carry snacks everywhere I go with the kids and my bag sure could use an update!

And this messenger bag is just adorable. I love that it would work for a boy or a girl.

And she has the cutest purse patterns for sale... (with an option to buy a license to sell!)

I don't know how she does it all, but she also makes items to sell in her shop. Her backpacks are fun, modern and stylish-- I"m in awe of her fabric choices. She also came out with a few kindergarten sized backpacks! Just in time for back to school.

Now that you are as impressed as I am with how perfect her sewing is.... let me tell you-- her confession absolutely floored me! Read on...

  I'm so excited to be guest posting here at Make It Handmade.  When Palak asked me to be part of this series, I pretty much knew instantly what I was going to write about.  A savvy reader picked up on my deep dark secret in my Jersey Dress Tutorial post.

She saw this photo and asked "What did you use to mark your fabric?"

My confession....I used a blue permanent marker!

I think maybe we've all been there, struggling with those fabric markers that are just never dark enough.  So, in utter frustration, I keep coming back to my trusty permanent marker.

Since most of what I sew is knit I just make sure that the marker is cut off.  However, I've learned the hard way, that if it doesn't all get cut off, it will eventually bleed through the seam.
And, I've left marks on my floor.  Honestly, I'm embarrassed as I write this!  Luckily my sewing room is in our finished basement and we used the cheapest flooring we could find.  It washes off the floor with a little rubbing alcohol.

Another reader followed up my confession of using permanent marker with some good advice.  She uses her kids washable markers.  I've since tried this and it works great!

Thanks Palak for inspiring me to confess my fabric marking secret.  

 I know... can you believe it? I can't believe Ruby had a spot on her floor- even if it was only for a minute! Just teasing! We love you Ruby, and  it just goes to show that you can turn out professionally tailored looking items without being completely traditional in your methods. 

Head on over the Zaaberry and give her some love-- you won't be disappointing; she has a ton of clear, concise and clever projects that you'll just be itching to make this weekend!