Monday, June 17, 2013

5 Legit Ironing And Pressing Board Cover Tutorials

I'm feeling a little guilty about how quick and easy the ironing board cover tutorial was.

Here's a roundup of 5 other table/pressing mat covers that are a little more involved, but I think are worth the effort.

  1.  I often use my ironing board as a 'staging area' for whatever I'm sewing, pulling fabrics or just as a general workspace. Oh Fransson's Pressing Table with Removable Cover would be so much larger and sturdier. And how dreamy to have such a large space to press out yardage!
  2. Jess from the Sewing Rabbit has a tutorial on making a cover lined with Insulbrite from Pellon.
  3. How cute is this pressing spot from I'm Feeling Crafty? This would be perfect for one of those mini irons-- it's just so cute! (and... go read her post- she sews outside at a summer home... I can't say I'm not jealous!) 
  4. And from Elizabeth again, this handy tv tray pressing mat. I see these trays on Craigslist all the time; and I like that it can fold up and store out of the way. It's the perfect size for a large or small quilt block, applique, etc. 
  5. And finally, of course, Missouri Star Quilt's Jenny Doan has a video on how to make a handy inexpensive pressing mat-- these are small; but they'd fit right next to your machine. No more getting up to press! 

And there you have it! More ways to press than I'm sure you ever imagined. If you need (or maybe just want) an upgrade, I say go for it. Now that I've got my new cover, I'm enjoying pressing so much more. I might even start ironing laundry! (don't hold your breath though.... )

Which one of these would you make?