Friday, October 19, 2012

5 Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorials (To Use With The Tot Bag!)

I have to admit, I've been having a bit of regret about not making lining the kids trick or treat bags. The truth is that you can make any drawstring bag a TOT bag. I've rounded up 5 lined drawstring bag tutorials from the web that you cans use to make your own bag.

All these bags have a slightly different construction, but they'll all work for the TOT bag.
To make the TOT bag with any of these tutorials, simply make the drawstring bag and skip ahead in the TOT tutorial to the part about adding the boning and handles. Make sure to place the ribbon casing low enough that the top portion of the bag can still close when it's flipped up.

If you get a chance to make one of these, send me a link or photo- I'd love to see it! Have a wonderful weekend-- I hope to see you back here next week for Rufflicious week!


  1. I am working on some drawstring bags at the the roundup!

  2. Will be trying this with a lined bag later the boning to keep the bag open, perfect for my 2yo!


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