Monday, June 25, 2012

Hand Quilting

A few weeks ago during when I wasn't feeling well, I decided to see if I could to some hand sewing to keep myself occupied when I didn't feel like actually sitting at my machine. I worked on the first quilts I made for Ishaan and Amaani.

I sat down and did some hand quilting on Amaani's quilt. (you can barely see the stitching in this picture).
 And I also did their names on the bottom of the quilt.

Obviously, neither of them can read yet, so the additions have been unappreciated so far. I'm hoping when they go through that phase of wanting to put their names on everything, that they will be glad that these are already labeled.

Hand-stitching is something I've always avoided (not really sure why?). I've never been very good at it or had the patience; but now I find my self enjoying it. I'm pretty happy with the results-- in fact, I think the main problem I have is with sloppy handwriting!