Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dinosaur Tails

*Gasp* What's that hiding behind the couch? Is it a dragon? An alligator? A giant lizard?

No... It's just Amaani wearing her new dinosaur tail!  She moves fast-- this was the best picture I could get.

I've been wanting to make these for a few months now-- ever since Ishaan became interested in dinosaurs. I used this tutorial which was a little more fiddly than it looks. But I did end up making two exactly alike so the kids wouldn't have to fight!

This backfired on me, because the kids can't tell them apart, and are always convinced that "the one s/he has is MINE". Even if they already have a tail tied onto their back. From now on, I'm making different colors.

These took to make. Literally hours of not so enjoyable drafting, cutting,  sewing and stuffing; and I found myself wondering if it was worth it. The kids rarely appreciate anything I make them (across all catagories-- food, crafts, siblings... ) and I certainly wasn't going to use them.

But Ishu loved it from the minute he saw them, and even uses his as a pillow sometimes. Amaani likes to chew on the end of hers and I've even seen Kartik playing with them; so of course, it's a favorite project of mine.

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  1. so worth it! they are so cute and so soft... and can work for halloween!


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