Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tulip Face Paint!

When I was asked to do a tutorial about Tulip's face paint, I was worried for two reasons-- 1) I can't draw to save my life, and 2) we are definitely Halloween 'cute' and not Halloween 'scary'. No fake blood in my house!

We made a Face Paint Picnic one of our Halloween Countdown activities.  We decided to test a bit on her arm to get started. Tulip is non toxic, and cosmetic grade, but I still wanted to make sure she'd be ok with it, before putting it all over her face.
 I was a little worried that all the stencils would be creepy, but there were so many girly-girly cute designs. I was also suprised by how many stencils came in one package-- you could do an entire girls party with one of these!
 She picked a butterfly and I snipped it out of the adhesive sheet.
 The stencils stick on like a sticker, so they aren't reusable; but you do get an extremely clean image.
 I was so impressed when I pulled of the stencil-- there is no way I could have free handed that on a wiggly 3 year old. You can even see the tiny antennae!
 I added some dots using the back of the brush, and of course, glitter.

 Afterword we were left with this beautiful 'tattoo' that washed off completely at bed time!

Although I hadn't seriously considered face paint before, I think this would be a great activity for any day-- not just Halloween. With the stencils, the paint was so quick and easy to put on, that I won't hesitate to whip it out at our next birthday party or play date.

This post was sponsered by Tulip and Blueprint social. In addition to the paint, Tulip also has other body art products like glitter, hair products, and black light products. You can check out their offerings on their website or connect with them on FacebookTwitterPinterest and the I Love To Create Blog.