Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rakhi Pictures... Finally!

Each year at Rakhi I rearrange our furniture, and make all my family crazy for just one reason. So I can have cute pictures. 
 I figure they will be happy when they've grown to have at least a few pictures of them together. And if not... at least I have something to look at when they are teenagers to remind me of how cute and sweet they were!
This is the first year that I've gotten Ishu to wear a traditional outfit. (That I sewed myself!)
 It's also the first year that Amaani refused to where her outfit *sigh*...
 But I still think they make a cute pair!

 Amaani with her gift. I ended up relenting and let the guys give her nail polish. She (and my mom and sister) have been begging me to let her wear nail polish for what seems like forever. When she opened the package she didn't realize what it was. When we told her, she was so excited that she was shaking!
 I did get a bunch of pictures that were cute but extremely blown out. Photographers... what do you do with pictures like these? Any advice?
 Mostly I'm just glad that these two are such good friends...

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