Monday, June 23, 2014

Garden Update

We've finally started to get 'real' harvests from our tiny garden now that summer is heating up...

It's so exciting! And doubly exciting for me, because I get to watch my kids enjoy themselves. We picked our very first pumpkin. (I may have planted these a bit too early for halloween)
 I've been so impressed with my daughters patience. We watched and watered this little pumpkin for months. I was so impressed with how gently she watched over it, while reminding me-- "we have to wait 'till it's orange."
We also have gotten exactly one strawberry. I hope it tasted good, because it was the only one we got!
After watching how much the kids have enjoyed this gardening experiment, I think we'll have to do this every year. The kids are fantastic about eating anything that came from the garden-- washed or not! (We are still working on that!) In our climate, we can also have a fall/winter garden, so I'm looking forward to researching what we can plant again in a few months.