Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Perfect Pouch

Now that teacher appreciation day is almost over, we can turn our crafty powers towards Mother's Day. This cute little pouch would make a cute gift on it's own, but would be so, so much better filled with yummy, chocolaty or shiny, beautiful things.

Making this little circle pouch is as easy as pie. All you need is 2 fat quarters and a bit of skinny ribbon, cording or anything else that can substitute for a drawstring. Laying out your two fatquarters, fold them in quarters and draw a curve as shown using a dinner plate or tupperware top.
 Pin the two circles (right sides together, now!) along the edges. make sure to leave two small, half inch wide openings for the drawstring on opposite sides of the circle.
 And sew! Make sure not to sew over your openings!
 When you've finished you'll have something like this. Turn the circle right side out through one of the openings and press.
 Now, topstitch a half inch inide the edge of a circle creating a casing for your ribbon. Using your bodkin, if you can find it, thread your ribbon through the casing. If you, like me, can't find your bodkin a safety pin will work just as well, if a little slower. Tie the edges of the ribbon together, and hide the knot in the caseing. Once you are done, you'll have something like this.
 For an extra finished bag, you can hand sew the raw edges of the opening down. Or you can leave it (notice my needle doesn't have any thread?)
 To use, just pile all your stuff on to the pouch....
 And pull on the string...
 And tie the ribbon into a bow! Voila! a cute little bag that can also be used as a mat while mama is doing her make up, putting on jewelry (or eating her chocolate.) Ahem.
I know tutorial day is tomorrow, but I thought I"d get this out there, in case anyone was looking for a quick project in advance of this weekend. See you back here tomorrow for another fun announcement!!!