Friday, May 9, 2014

Squash Update + Purple Carrot

I hope the sewists among you don't mind reading a bit about the garden! 

Remember those squash seeds we planted? I know intellectually that big plants come from tiny seeds, but I'm still amazed every time it happens. (I'll be honest, I feel the same way about my kids-- How on earth did they get that big?) This plant is threatening our lawn. 
Growing Black Beauty Squash with kids!
 And after what seems like an eternity, we have our very first baby zucchini. We've been checking and hand pollinating every morning. Squash flowers are large and easy for little fingers to practice 'pollinating'. It's also easy for the little ones to tell the difference between the 'male' and 'female' flowers.
Growing Black Beauty Squash with kids! Open squash flower.
 Here is another female flower that has yet to open.
Growing Black Beauty Squash with kids! Unopened female squash flower
 We also 'harvested' (really weeded out) our first little purple carrot.
 I hope all of you get some time to get outside now that spring has hit most of the country! Have a wonderful weekend!!!