Monday, May 26, 2014

Southern Fabric Giveaway

Happy Memorial Day everyone! It's wonderful to have a long weekend and a day off, but also to have a day to honor our fallen servicemen and women.

Southern Fabric is also celebrating! They are having a  Memorial Day sale  on over 70 different sets of charm packs! Although 5 inch squares have been used for making large quilts since before the internet; a single pack is perfect for making those small baby quilts or... pillows.

Normally for giveaways, I ask you all what you would purchase for yourself. But this time I have a favor to ask ya'll! A few weeks ago my little brother asked me about making some pillows for his new post college digs. He sent me this lovely picture for inspiration.
So folks.... help me out. Check out the Southern Fabric site and let me know what you would buy to make pillows for a single, 20 something guy who also happens to be the worlds best little brother. And don't forget to enter the giveaway!