Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY Fabric Scrap Necklace

 When Lauren of Titchy Threads asked if I wanted to participate in a Petit Series, I was totally excited! I decided to make this fabric necklace. It's fun, simple and my kids love it which is exactly Celina's style. The full tutorial is HERE.

 I basically grabbed my scrapbag and pulled out each and every pink or purple scrap of fabric. (and believe me, I have quite a few!) I cut them all into two inch strips, and sub cut those into smaller pieces if needed.

Sewing them all together was a ton of fun, and I still have lots of extra pieces! Quick tip-- to turn it easily, you can sew a ribbon into one of the short sides, and then just pull to turn the entire tube.

I could have done a better job stuffing the necklace, but I was watching new episodes of Sherlock at the time, so you'll have to forgive me.

My daughter loves it, and my son has also asked for a necklace for himself. I guess I need to get more scraps together!

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  1. Oh very fun!! I should def make my kids one of these!! 😊 great job!

  2. Oh nice job Palak! Your daughter is so adorable.

  3. Beautiful! What a sweetie your daughter is...

  4. I love your necklace! I made one too...but I wish I was as smart as you to use the ribbon to make it easier to turn the tube. :)

  5. your daughter is so cute. I love the necklace

  6. This is very innovative and creative way to use wastage fabric scrap.I like this concept.By adding some more creative elements this can be made even more beautiful.
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