Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Classic Felt Christmas Ornaments

I'm sharing a quick last minute craft-- this would be a perfect Christmas Eve craft to do with your kids tonight!

This holiday season I've been on a mission to create handmade, unbreakable ornaments for our tree. We don't have many ornaments for last year, so it's been a fun challenge to replace some of our paper pom ornaments with some nicer ones.  These little ornaments are adorable, unbreakable, and stuffed to give them some dimension. And they are a great way to use some scraps of vintage trim and ribbon.

Let's get started on our ornaments.  You need ribbon and a few scraps of felt. Also, go ahead and download the Classic Felt Ornament Template here. Then, grab your box of oddball trim and ric-rack. This is a bunch of vintage trim I picked up at the thrift store.

How adorable is it that Wrights used to send scraps to young sewists for doll clothes!?!
Cut your felt circles and squares according to the template. You will need two for each ornament.
Pin your trim and rectangle to your ornament, and sew down. I curved my rickrack slightly to be more fancy.
Sew the rectangle to the back piece of the ornament.
And place them wrong sides together making sure to sandwich the ribbon between the two sides of the ornament.
Sew around your ornament.
I like to stuff mine to give it a bit of shape. I just leave the needle down, and stuff it a bit right there at the machine. Then continue sewing around the edge, remembering to slip the ribbon between the two gray pieces of felt.
Hang your sweet little ornament on the tree-- and rest easy knowing that it will be safe even if your kids get to it.

I had so much fun making these that I did a kid friendly version with my two preschoolers! You can see how I modified the project for them in my Kid's Ornament Craft post last week. I hope you all have fun creating little ornaments for your tree! Merry Christmas everyone!!!