Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fabric Haul...

I don't normally do shopping posts-- but I'm so excited about some fabulous purchases I made this week, and my husband is so tired of hearing about it.

I stopped by my local Hancock's just to pick up some buttons for a special project you all will see soon. But, you know how it is...
 It's hard to leave without a pile of fabric! I must have stopped by at the exact right time, becaues the remnant bin was full of fun cotton duck! I scored 3 yards of this fun chevron print for just 2 dollars a yard. I didn't notice until I got it home that it was a bit dirty, but that will come right out.
 I also picked up this snowman print to make some reusable Christmas 'santa sacks' and some fabric ornaments.

And finally... I stocked up on pink. I'm not really drawn to pink, but (as I'm told at least 12 times a day) pink is my daughters favorite color. I'm so tired of fighting with her to get her to wear the things I make, so pink it is!

And.... the best part is that I got 10% off my purchase! I still feel a little lightheaded thinking about it! Do any of you all get the same way about sewing sales? If so-- stay tuned; I have a fantastic announcement regarding Black Friday Sales on my site coming up tomorrow, so keep your eyes out for it!