Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now...

Just popping in to share a few fun things that I'm digging right this minute...

1. Gift Wrap. I just can't get enough of pretty wrapping, especially since I'm not making any gifts. Check out my pinterest board for fun gift wrapping ideas! (psst... don't forget to follow MIH on Pinterest Make It Handmade)

2. Embroidery. I came across this awesome blog, Wild Olive, a little while ago, and I'm completely smitten! It completely changed my mind about what embroidery -- her designs are so fresh and modern! She inspired me to do this embroidered pincushion.

3. Crochet and Knitting. It's that time again! My yarn is out, and I'm dreaming up new patterns. Have you seen Delia's Crochet Series? It's getting me in the mood to start crocheting simple projects again. 

4. The Sewistry Scoop.  I've been absolutely thrilled with the response from shops, customers and readers alike! We've doubled the number of shops participating, and you can which shops have been added in the new Sewistry Scoop Sneak Peek that's up today!

5. Quilts. I'm itching to make another one soon! Do you have any favorite patterns or quilt inspiration? Feel free to link in the comments!