Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY Braided Headband From a T-Shirt

Happy Wednesday everyone! If you are a loyal MIH follower, you may have noticed that the tutorials for the past few Wednesdays have been those that have appeared elsewhere. I've been working hard at getting Sewistry  (the frugal sewing site) up off the ground, so I haven't been sewing as much this month as I usually do.

But today I have a fun, simple, quick project for you all. A headband made from t-shirt yarn-- I have a few tips that I think make for a cleaner finish and easier making up.

First... I started with this tank that I found in my closet, but have no memory of ever wearing. (Um, Niki, if this is yours, I'm sorry!)
Cut the waist of your t-shirt into 4 1 inch strips.

Snip one side seam on each little tube to make a strip. The fun part about knit is that it curls in on itself. 

The not so fun part is that the knit will curl so it's inside out, meaning that the seams of the shirt will be on the outside of the strip. 

Luckily, we can fix that easily with our sewing machines! Cut out and re sew each seam so it's on the inside. 
Stack 3 of the strips and start braiding. Braid until the headband is long enough to go around your head (or your daughters head!) Since we used the entire width of the t-shirt, you'll definitely have enough.
Since my kids are unreliable helpers, I used my sewing machine to hold down the edge of the strips.
Use the sewing machine to sew the ends of the headband together. To cover the seam, wrap the fourth tube of t-shirt fabric around the seam of the headband.
Then secure it with some hand stitches. You can tell I could have done a neater job with my hand stitching (or used matching thread).
But from the outside, the fabric looks pretty neat.
I wish I had some trendy photos with me wearing the headband on a beach somewhere, but the truth is that I wear this mainly to keep my bangs out of my way when I'm doing the dishes. It's stretchy, soft and comfortable to wear while still staying put. And I still have enough t-shirt left to make one for my daughter.

But I think the headband looks great on it's own-- with or without dishes!