Monday, October 28, 2013

Clean Pumpkin Seeds The Easy Way

Hi folks! My little one is sick, which is never fun. It also looks like it will be raining for the rest of the week, so our Halloween prospects aren't so good.

But every cloud has a sliver lining! Since we were stuck at home all weekend, we decide to carve our pumpkin early, which means we roasted pumpkin seeds a few days before we normally would!

I don't do anything special with my pumpkin seeds-- just lots of butter and salt, and then into the oven until they smell and taste heavenly. But I do have a way of cleaning pumpkin seeds that I think is much easier than sticking your hands into the pumpkin goo.

  1. After gathering the the seeds, put them (strings and all) into the largest pot or mixing bowl you have.
  2. Fill it with water as much water as you can without making a mess
  3. Now here is the big secret-- wait. I normally let the seeds sit in the water for about 45 minutes to an hour. I stir occasionally to break up the big clumps.
  4. At the end of that time, all you have to do is skim off your pristine pumpkin seeds with a slotted spoon! So easy and no messy hands. 
  5. Dump the dirty water in the sink.

I actually took pictures of this process, but the water looked so un appetizing that I couldn't post them. I know 45 minutes sounds like a long time to wait, but that's about how long it takes us to finish carving the pumpkin and do clean up. And its so worth it to not have to pick out all those clumps.

Hope that helps someone-- and I'll see you back here tomorrow to announce the wall sticker giveaway winner!

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