Friday, September 6, 2013

Handmade Confessions: Melissa from Melly Sews

Today's blogger really needs no introduction... it's Mellissa from Melly Sews and Blank Slate patterns.

I've been a follower of hers for years, and was so excited when she took the plunge and began designing her own patterns. Because I know most of you are already familiar with her new projects, I decided to highlight a few of my favorites from her archives....

First... because football season has just started... the Gameday Dress! Hook 'em!
 And... how cute is this Gas Station/ Car Wash she made for her boys? I'm sure they'll remember it forever.
 And I know I've already gushed over this Pleated Pillow Facebook, but I love it so! I think this might be project for this weekend.

At the rate that Mellisa turns out finished projects, I was a bit surprised to hear her confession. Maybe you all will be too!

Hi everyone, I'm Melissa, from Melly Sews, and I'm excited and kind of scared to be here. Why scared? Because I'm about to share a deep, dark sewing secret.
I have a lot of UFOs in my studio.
What's a UFO? Well, depending on which item I'm referring to, it can be an UnFinished Object or an Unworn Finished Object. I have both.
Why is that a deep, dark secret? Well as a sewing blogger you don't want to admit that some of your gorgeously photographed projects are unworn. Or that you have potentially gorgeous projects that are just sitting around, unfinished. And I'm not talking things I cut out and never sewed. I'm talking things that are unworn for lack of a zipper. A zipper that would take me 20 minutes if I just sat down and did it already.
The crowning glory/shame of my UFOs is this object. It has retained UFO status in my studio for THREE YEARS.
It started as an unworn finished object...unworn because my nursing chest shrunk 3 cup sizes from when I started sewing it to when I finished it a year later. Which also necessitated a back dart - what? How does your upper back shrink just because your bust does? Anyway, I made the necessary adjustments and wrote a post about it two years ago, back when I first started my blog. Side note: if you are ever in awe of a blogger and wonder if you'll ever be that good, go back and find the oldest post you can on their blog. I promise you'll feel much better when you do.
Fast forward two years: after trying on that dress, I decided the underarm zipper was itchy and needed to be redone. So I ripped it out. But did I redo it?
Nope. This dress is literally unworn only for lack of a zipper. It fits me still, it's cute, I just haven't gotten around to putting a zipper in it. Lame, huh?
So mostly this keeps Molly, my mannequin, from being naked in the studio. But one of these days I'll get around to adding the zipper. So she can wear one of the other UFOs in my studio.
Thanks for having me Palak, it feels good to get that off my chest!
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Thanks for sharing Melissa! It's good to know that I"m not the only one with UFO's hanging around! Have a wonderful Friday everyone, and head on over to Melissa's blog and encourage her to get that zipper done! That dress is much to cute to sit on the mannequin.