Sunday, September 29, 2013

Google Photos/ Blogger PSA!!!

Ok Folks... I know blogging about blogging is generally considered to be a bit geeky. And I do try very hard to keep my geekyness to myself, but today I just couldn't help it. I finally found a solution to a problem that's been bugging me all week!! (and maybe bugging you too?)

If you use Google photos (formerly known as Picasa web albums), or are a Blogger user, you may have noticed that your pictures/and graphics have been getting darker when you upload them. 

So this (for example)... 

changes into this... (ewww...)

You may or may not have spent hours trying to figure out why your graphics (that you lovingly created) suddenly look awful. You might have even locked your self in the bathroom for a few minutes and had a good cry.

Well, after a week of wrestling with this, I emailed Google about it and completely didn't expect to hear anything back. It was more just to get it off my chest. To my surprise, they got back to me in a just a few hours (on Sunday, no less!)

Here's the Deal:

Google Photos is now auto-enhancing your photos upon upload, which can change your colors drastically. This is especially noticeable on photos with white backgrounds or graphics. Luckily... we can fix it!

Here are the instructions on how to turn this 'feature' off:

How to disable Google's Photo Auto Ehance

Anyhoo... if you know a blogger, or are in a blogging group where people are bothered by this issue, please share and forward this along. And if you came here expecting a Handmade Halloween Post, there will be one up Monday morning at 6am! I promise. (and the graphics will look just right!)