Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Walk On The Wild Side

If you knew me in real life, you'd know that I never do anything crazy. I'm a rule follower by nature. I stop at all the stop signs, prune the laterals, use my turn signal when changing lanes, and, most importantly: I never, never, never sew over pins.

I've heard people talk about doing it... and I've even seen some videos online... but I never considered it myself. Never, that is, until last Saturday.

I was under the gun to finish a textured pillow, and I had tucks and gathers everywhere that I wanted to stay in place while I was sewing them. And I heard a little voice in my head say... " go ahead... sew over those pins. You know everybody's doing it! And who's going to know?"
Why you should never sew over pins!

So I did. I was nervous for the first few pins; but then I started going faster. Let me tell you-- it felt great. Exhilarating! I could go so fast! It was so easy! Why hadn't I ever done this before? I was on top of the world!  
And then I heard a snap. I looked down into my machine, and saw this sticking nearly straight up out of the bobbin casing.

Why you should never sew over pins!

The proverbial bent pin.

Waves of guilt washed over me.  Was it just the pin and needle or did I break my beloved machine? My trusted friend who I've spent many a late night with? Oh, how could I take it for granted for a few minutes of speed sewing?

After cleaning it out, changing the needle, and rethreading, I learned that  the sewing gods had seen fit to spare me. My machine seems ok- although I still haven't found the rest of the pin.

Please, please don't let this happen do you. I was lucky, but you may not be! Never ever sew over pins; and always prune the laterals.

*yes, this is a little tongue in cheek--- but just a little!