Monday, May 6, 2013

Odds and Ends...

How was everyone's weekend? We had beautiful weather here, which means the kids got to play outside, and I got to play inside!

Yup, Sprocket Pillows in the making! This is the first of a bunch of home dec projects that I have floating around in my head. These will hopefully live in my little girls room one day. I used 6 layer cake squares from this Bunny Hill collection, and I was able to get two 16" pillow tops with almost no waste. Love that!

I also ended up saying good by to all the yellow on my blog. Oh how I loved this header! This pale yellow/cream reminded me of my dad's saffron-mango ice cream and all sorts of yumminess. I love, love, loved... until I saw it on a few other monitors.
It turns out that that yellow looks a bit icky to some readers. So we have an updated header and blog! I love making changes, but I'm sorry for any of you folks who had to deal with a changing blog over the weekend.

I'm also moving my google reader list over to bloglovin'. I'm terribly, terribly upset, and I"m waiting until the absolute last minute, but so far Google hasn't changed it's mind. If you want to follow using Blog lovin' you can use the little "b" with a heart in the header to follow!

And that's about it for today! What did ya'll accomplish over the weekend?