Monday, February 4, 2013

3 Newborn Hats

There are scarf knitters, sock knitters and sweater knitters. I am a hat knitter. Knitting a hat is the most satisfying knit for me-- it takes the perfect amount of time, yarn, and brain power. Knitting newborn hats is another story all together. They are like potato chips-- you can't just make one! These are a few hats I made for the baby of a friend of mine.

I had this wonderful single ply white yarn on hand so I first made a knit hat...
Newborn Hat's 3 ways!
I just love the double pom poms on top! Then I dyed some of the yarn pink and made this cute tassle hat. This one has a squared off top that makes it look like ears when worn.
Newborn Hat's 3 ways!
And finally,  a simple crochet one! This I whipped up in white and dyed afterwords.
Newborn Hat's 3 ways!
These are all pretty straight forward, but I'll be sharing more about the dyeing process and hat patterns later! Does anyone else have a craft that they just have to make in multiples?