Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Easy Serger Ribbon Tutorial

Finally-- a serger post! This is tutorial I did a few months ago for Sew Together's My Best Sewing Friend series.

Honestly, these little ribbons are so handy-- they can be used for hair bows, drawstring ties, dress straps, or even a quick hem facing, if you are in a pinch. If you make them out of scraps, they are much, much more cost effective than purchasing grosgrain or satin ribbon. For example, using serger ribbon instead of store bought would cut the cost of making a TOT bag in half. Bonus: The ribbon will coordinate with whatever you happen to be making!

Serger Ribbon

First, grab your scraps. I had a 2 inch wide strip of gingham and two strips of dotted fabric. 
I cut the pink dot strips to be roughly the same width. Since the serger will trim off the edges, this doesn't need to be exact.
I serged them together on the diagonal, and used my serger to finish the long edges of the ribbon. Play around with the settings on your serger until you get a stitch you like.  

I was suprised at how much ribbon I can get with just a few scraps that I might have thrown away.

Now it's ready for wrapping gifts, making straps on dresses, drawstring for bags or even making these cute Instant Gratification Belts  from Sew Together!

I'm so glad I decided to repost this-- maybe I'll attack my scrap box this weekend! It would be so nice to have a bunch of ribbon already made up and ready to use.
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  1. What a great idea for scraps, thanks for sharing!


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