Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Holidays!

I thought a lot about whether to write this post or not... but I feel that this is an issue that needs to be addressed. If you like to make things, this is the time of year where things get a little crazy. Gifts for others, treats and cookies, home decor projects, dinner parties, ornaments.... it's easy to get overwhelmed.

Oh no! I'm Overwhelmed!!!
I know I'm not alone-- Liz, of Simple Simon and Co wrote a great post about making time for family during the holidays and Shannon of luvinthemommyhood has a holiday crafting support group going.

This year I decided to take a step back and not make any handmade gifts for Christmas. I decided that if I really want to give Aunt Sew a bag I'll surprise her with it in January-- and not feel pressured to have to make it (and 5 others) on a deadline.  It's taken so much of the pressure off!
Now all that is on my list are projects that I 'want' to do-- not have to do! And because everyone's gifts are already taken care of, it leaves me free to do a little something on the side for my kiddos if I want to.

Of course, the best part is that I have plenty of time left over for hanging out with these tikes.
Kite Flying-- In December!
Although I"m not suggesting we all give up handmaking gifts for ever-- I do want to encourage everyone to commit to being kind to themselves during the holidays. After all... holidays should be happy!

Anyone else ready to take a stress free handmade holiday pledge this year? Leave a comment below so we don't feel so alone. If there is a lot of interest (um, and by that I mean one other person) I'll make a button to hang on your blog saying that you took the pledge!