Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunshine Skirt

I'm finally getting to share some of the projects that I worked on during the weeks we were having our serger series!

First up is this bright yellow skirt made for a small friend who recently celebrated a birthday. I used the method outlined in the simple serger ruffles tutorial.

 I couldn't find any yellow ribbon, so the 'tag' is just a bit of lace.
 I find myself making more of these lately. They are quick and look so adorable when finished!

My favorite part is the non-hem hem. The bottom tier is folded over and seamed to the skirt-- no hemming! I topstitched to keep everything in place.

The skirt was a gift so I guessed at the size; which is in some ways easier then trying to chase a child down with a measuring tape! I hope she likes it!

I hope to see you back on Wednesday-- I'll be posting a serger tutorial at Sew Together!