Monday, September 17, 2012

Black Butterfly Skirt

It seems like all of my daughter's clothing is bright and summery. With fall just around the corner, I thought I'd make her something a little more sedate. 

You might recognize this black butterfly print from one of the serger tutorials earlier this month. The skirt is made the same way as the 'First Skirt Tutorial' with a few exceptions.

 I stitched 3 lines around the hem, instead of just once.
 And added a bit of lace as the 'tag' instead of ribbon.
The biggest difference is that I used a double casing for the waistband elastic instead of just one casing. My daughter's waistbands always seem to creep down below her little baby belly. You can see a little bit of that in the first skirt photos.
 The double casing waistband is easy to do. Simply stitch 3 lines around the top of the skirt instead of just 2.
I strung 1/4th inch elastic though as usual. The waistband is wider, and doesn't roll or shift-- even when you are out and about at the park!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Just in case you missed it-- don't forget to check out the Ask Palak Anything feature. If you want to ask me anything, just use the contact page to let me know!