Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tutorial: Simple Stuffies

I've been a wondering what to do with this scrap of Bob the Builder flannel (leftover from Ishaan's magic pillow) for some time now.

It's a large print, which makes it unsuitable for anything small; but I only had a little bit of it, which means I can't make anything big!

Then I realized that these little tractors would make perfect little stuffies. These are super easy since they aren't turned. Click below for the tutorial!

Simple Stuffies

Simple Stuffies: (in six steps!)

1) Rough cut around the image. 

2) Find a backing that fits and rough cut around that as well. This is a thin, soft cotton.

3) Lower your stitch length to make it easier to sew around curves and to keep your seam from fraying. Sew an outline around the picture leaving a gap for stuffing. If you have a needle down function on your sewing machine, this is a great time to use it!

4)  Stuff! I used a handful or polyester fill and a seam ripper to get into all the corners.

5) Use your sewing machine to close up the hole. No handsewing needed!
6) Trim a quarter inch around your stitching line.

You are finished! 

I'm hoping that the edges fray a bit with some use so it's super cuddly. It would be easy to add a squeeker or ribbon loop for a baby. Now I'm going to be on the look out for large prints instead of avoiding them!