Monday, July 16, 2012

Cotton Candy Dress-- With Growth Pleats

Amaani's newest and pinkest play dress!

The pattern is New Look 6974 without the gored skirt. I picked up the pattern at Walmart during a colossal tantrum last month. I was so happy to find that some Simplicity toddler patterns were in her size-- she's a size .5! She's half sized- Isn't that cute! Most other patterns start at size 3. 

I lengthened the straps and added a 'growth pleat' to the back in hopes of making the bodice last a little bit longer. To me, real growth pleats mean that you can let out the garment with just a seam ripper-- no additional sewing required. 

You can see it better in this picture-- the bodice has a portion folded over that doesn't extend into the skirt. 

And here's what it looks like on her.

And just for fun-- this is what an Amaani tantrum looks like:

We both really like this print-- I'm hoping that she'll be able to wear it as a tunic next summer!