Friday, June 1, 2012

Mama Made:Diaper Pouches

One of the best tips I can give new parents is to watch out for the Babies R Us brand diaper sale on Black Friday.  Kartik and I have spent the last two black friday's packing our van full of boxes diapers and wipes. We save a couple hundred bucks, plus, we don't have to keep worrying about running out for diapers. We are really happy with the quality and fit of the diapers, but if you are going to get them, try and go to a stand-alone Babies R Us-- the Toy's R Us locations are crazy packed on black friday. 

Anyways, the only issue with buying the diapers in bulks is that all the diapers look exactly the same-- they don't have sizes printed on them. When you have two toddlers in diapers, this is incredibly frustrating. At home, we keep them in their packaging so we can tell the 4's from the 3's. But I' made up these diaper pouches from Noodlehead to keep the two sizes straight in our diaper bag.
Amaani's is just big enough to slide a package of half used wipes (from the same sale) into along with a few diapers.

Now I'll never get them mixed up!