Monday, February 20, 2012

Mama Made: A-line Dress

Because of the massive (and generous) influx of gifts over the holidays and birthdays I sort of fell out of making Amaani dresses.

I always wanted to try to make her an A line dress-- they are supposed to be easy, comfortable, and I'm hoping it will give me a jumping off point for making little salwar-kameez's for her. This one is from my own pattern.

It isn't perfect, but Amaani seems to like it! (Thanks, Purvi for the pants!)


  1. Adorable! But I have questions....

    Is there a fastener at the back of the neck, or is the head-hole big enough not to need one?

    When you say from your own pattern... does that mean you made it like cooking without a recipe, or do you save the patterns you make on muslin or pattern-tracing paper?

  2. There is a zipper in the back. I've seen a lot of patterns that say that you can just make the neckline big enough; but I haven't been able to do it for Amaani yet without looking odd. (Unless I'm working with a knit). Her head/torso ratio is just too large still-- and zippers are really, really really not that bad! Promise!

    I save her patterns-- I use notebook or typing paper (very high-tech around here). I traced one of her outfits, and just extended/take in where needed.

  3. Beautiful. Dress is pretty cute too :) You're so talented - the best I can do is sew a button back on.



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