Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mama Made: Pocket Pants

Lately Ishaan has become obsessed with pockets. And I mean clinically obsessed-- it's starting to effect his daily functioning. He stuffs them full of all his precious toys (I guess the ones that he doesn't want Amaani to play with). He won't sleep until he has all his clothespins and what not with him. His pockets get so full that his pants sag below his diaper and he has trouble walking. I'm hoping this is a short phase. 
Ishaan has a gigantic tantrum if his pants don't have pockets. As he is only two, and as quite a few of his pants are homemade, we only have a few pairs that have pockets. When those are dirty, or not warm enough, we end up leaving the house looking like this:

We put a pair of 5T shorts (thanks Smita Mami!) over his pants. The shorts have the biggest pockets in the house.  Note that he also has a man bag for his acorn collection.


We had a wedding to attend this weekend; and he certainly wasn't going with shorts over his pants. What to do? I decided to make him two pairs of pocket pants.  The dark brown pants have inset pockets in the side, and the light brown pants have patch pockets going along the front.

I somehow managed to go the entire weekend without taking one good picture; but here they are in action. 

I was so excited to see him putting things in his pockets over the weekend. Maybe it will be ok if this phase lasts a little longer.

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  1. pockets must be hard to make! i am so impressed I really thought these were store bought pants!


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